333 Disney Cruise Line buys the Global Dream?

On Nov 16, 2022, Disney Cruise Line announced they would purchase the Global Dream, a ship that was 85 % complete, when its parent company went bankrupt. Chad, who follows all the ship builds over in Germany, joins me to discuss what we know about this purchase so far. We discuss the parent company Genting Hong Kong who commissioned the ship to be built, what we know about where they planned to sail it, the over all designs which were announced for the ship, and we finish up with what Disney Announced during their press release. Then this past weekend, Bob Chapek was replaced by Bob Iger as chairman of the Walt Disney Company, so as of this date, we are not sure if this deal will go through or not. Either way, we hope you enjoy this look at the Global Dream, and the possibilities she may provide for Disney Cruise Line.

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