310 Sailing aboard the Galactic Star Cruiser, the Halcyon

Debra joins us this week to discuss her thoughts and experiences after sailing aboard the Galactic Starcruiser, the Halcyon, for the first time. Beware, we do touch on some SPOILERS. She does a great job talking about developing her own character for the sailing, what Disney sends you before your voyage to prepare you, and then her thoughts on her stateroom, the food, and the entertainment provided. But the majority of this episode truly focuses on her experiences while interacting with the other guests, the environment she was placed in, and of course all the amazing characters who make up this incredible experience. So if you have it in you, it’s time to dust off those old Jedi Robes, grab your light saber, and hope the Force is with you, we’re blasting off into space aboard the Galactic Star Cruiser

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