305 Sailing to Alaska aboard the Disney Wonder

Alex and Anthony join us this week to discuss their second sailing aboard the Disney Wonder, this time to Alaska. These two Disney Cruise Line fans were engaged aboard the Disney Wonder the first time they sailed on her, so they wanted to get back onboard as soon as they could. We hear all about pre-planning for their trip to Alaska, spending time in Vancouver beforehand, and then all the initial fun they had onboard. Unfortunately, half way through this sailing, Alex tested Positive for Covid. They both then give a detailed account of their experiences from that point forward. They touch on spending time in isolation, and what DCL provided them while onboard, and when they disembarked the ship, to how they followed up with them when they returned home. Unfortunately, Covid is still a factor when it comes to cruising, and we want to give Alex and Anthony a huge thank you for coming on and sharing their experience.

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