259 DCL 101: Spending time in The Edge, the Tween Club aboard the Disney ships

This week, our youngest son Alex, joins us to talk about spending time in the Disney Tween Club, the Edge. This was Alex’s first time spending time in the Edge aboard the Disney Dream, as he recently turned 11. We give an overview of the age range the Edge is designed for (11-14), how to register your son/daughter, what activities are available in the club, what takes place during the Ice Breakers on the first day (which helps kids get to know each other), how cool the counselors are, and how to find out what’s happening in the club during your sailing. Throughout this show, Alex gives his first hand experiences and thoughts. So it’s time to ditch your parents and siblings, grab your cool shirt and bucket hat, and head up to that exclusive club where no adults are allowed, and kids can be kids….we’re hanging out at The Edge, aboard the Disney Dream!

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