236 A land vacation to Iceland, after a Summer cruise was cancelled

Good friend of the show, Lauren, joins us this week to discuss her and her husbands latest adventure to the beautiful country of Iceland. They were all set to sail on the Disney Magic to Scotland, Iceland, and Norway in 2021, but unfortunately their cruise was cancelled. So they did what all of us would do, they put a land vacation together to visit Iceland. Lauren does an excellent job stepping us through their planning process, how they got there, where they stayed, amazing food and ice cream they had along the way, and detailing all the amazing sites they were able to experience and see. Iceland is truly a bucket list destination for those who enjoy getting off the beaten path, and spending time in the outdoors. Cruise Cancelled? Don’t Sweat!!!! It’s time to pivot and head out on a land vacation to one of the worlds most remote and beautiful country’s, Iceland.

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