202 Run Disney: Castle to Chateau Challenge

Join us for a fun Run Disney episode, as we head across the Atlantic to Paris, France, to discuss the Castle to Chateau Challenge. Andrea joins us this week to discuss her experience traveling to Paris, to run all of the races during the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend. We have a fun time talking about where she stayed, the races, pre and post race events, how classy all the medals were, dining options, and of course time in the parks. Andrea has also run all the races at Walt Disney World, so she does a good job comparing and contrasting the experience in France vs. WDW. So lace up your running shoes, fill up your water bottle, and put on your game face, we’re headed across the Atlantic to talk Run Disney!

A special shout out to Lake for joining me this week, you can catch more of Lake and Kaitie over at their YouTube Channel, MouseGen:


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