192 Marissa and Derek from the DVC Resale Market talk Cruise Team experiences on DCL

Marissa Vallotton and Derek DeBoer, from DVC Resale Market, join us this week to talk about their experiences sailing on DCL with the Cruise Team when they worked for Disney Vacation Club. We have a fun time hearing their back story’s which brought them to where they are today, and then we turn to their experiences working and living aboard the Disney Ships. We touch on their favorite food and restaurants, ports, cruise itineraries, onboard activities, and even get their favorite ship out of them. Today, they both work for the DVC Resale Market, where they work with clients looking to buy or add onto their DVC points through the resale market. They are part of an incredible team, headed by Nick Cotton, who was featured in episode 152 of the DCL Podcast. So grab your favorite beverage, and find a spot in the sun, we’re setting sail with two fun loving friends, to hear all about working and playing aboard the Disney ships.

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