179 Review of Jim Korkis’ new DCL book with Brett Nachman , from Notably Disney

Brett Nachman, from Notably Disney, joins us this week to cover Jim Korkis’ new book featuring Disney Cruise Line. Jims latest book, Hidden Treasures of the Disney Cruise Line: Nautical Notes, Knowledge, and Nonsense, was released in late 2020. Jim covers a lot of ground in this book, from the history of the cruise line, to theming of restaurants, to small details you’ll find throughout the ship. Brett helps me talk about who Jim is, break down the book itself (without giving away very much of it), and discuss what we’d love to see Jim cover in the future. So stop by the Cove Cafe, grab your favorite beverage, and find a good spot by the pool, we’re discussing the first non-travel book featuring Disney Cruise Line.

You can purchase Jim’s book, wherever books are sold (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

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