152 Talking DVC with Nick Cotton/President of the DVC Resale Market

Disney Vacation Club is one of the many things you can learn about when sailing aboard the Disney ships. We are very excited to bring you our conversation with Nick Cotton, President and founder of the DVC Resale Market. Nick began his career with the Disney company as an Industrial Engineer, and he soon pivoted to working with Disney Vacation Club. While at working for DVC, Nick spent many years aboard the DCL ships representing DVC. After leaving DVC and Disney, Nick started his own company, the DVC Resale Market. His company is now instrumental in helping family’s buy and sell DVC contracts on the resale market. In this episode, we have a fun time hearing about Nick’s background, life aboard the ships, how he founded his company, and where he see’s DVC in the future. So sit back and relax, as we learn all about DVC and the amazing company Nick started, the DVC Resale Market.

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