162 Catching up with Marcus Monroe, DCL Headline Entertainer

In this epsisode, we’re excited to catch back up with Marcus Monroe, one of the best Headline Entertainers for Disney Cruise Line. We start the show off by hearing what his life has been like in New York, since the ships stopped sailing last March. He recently began performing several live shows throughout the Midwest, […]

161 Sailing Single with friends on Disney Cruise Line

Andrea and Joe join us this week to discuss their experiences sailing with other single friends, with Disney Cruise Line. We discuss what its like for 6 friends to book a cruise and cabin, and how they determine which Port Adventures they’ll experience. Of course, we also touch on their experiences onboard, including dining, theater, […]

160 Sailing out of New Orleans and a look at Lighthouse Point

Jimmy from Louisiana joins us again to discuss his family’s latest cruise on the Disney Wonder out of New Orleans. This was a multi-generational cruise, so we touch on the planning involved when you take a large group together on a cruise. Jimmy’s family has also vacationed on the Island of Eleuthera several times, so […]

159 Venturing to Yosemite, as an alternative to a Summer Cruise

With cruising still on hold, Chris’s family chose to head north and visit Yosemite National Park. We have a fun look back on there first visit to this iconic park, as we discuss planning their visit, where they stayed, dining options available (brontosaurus rib anyone?), and of course all the amazing sites and experiences they […]

153 Saving money on Port Adventures in Alaska

Carol from Florida, joins us this week to discuss how her family saved money on port adventures when they sailed to Alaska last Summer. They sailed aboard the Norwegian Joy, so we start by discussing some of the differences between Norwegian and Disney. We then take a look at each of the ports they stopped […]

151 In search of Hidden Mickeys with author Steven Barrett

This week Steven Barrett, the author of the Hidden Mickeys series of books, joins us to discuss all things Hidden Mickey. We discuss how his passion for finding Hidden Mickeys started, then we touch on some of the fun ones he’s found through the parks and ships, and finish up talking about his book series […]

147 Sailing out of New Orleans aboard the Disney Wonder

Chris from NorCal joins us again this week to discuss his last cruise, sailing out of New Orleans aboard the Disney Wonder. It was just Chris and his wife this time. We have a good time discussing what they did before the cruise in New Orleans (beignets anyone?), all of the onboard fun they had, […]