DCL 201: Episode 1, How we booked our 2020 Summer Cruise

Welcome to Episode one of our new DCL 201 series. During these quick episodes, we are going to talk through how we booked and are planning for our 2020 Summer Cruise. We’ll show you how we use some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned through our travels, and from you our listeners over the past several years, as we plan and book this cruise. We are not perfect, and there are several ways to plan for and book a Disney Vacation. So, it is our hope, that you’ll follow along with us, and if you have any thoughts on how we could do things better, throw it out to us via email or on our facebook page. We will include your thoughts and insights in future episodes. I hope you guys enjoy this new series, and that it helps all of us to cruise a little smarter in the future. Enjoy everyone.

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