Bonus Episode: Visiting Aulani in December

Chris in the Concierge (on Twitter), joins us to discuss his family’s quick trip to Aulani over New Years. Chris and his family are DVC owners at Aulani, and have visited the resort several times. He does a great job detailing the differences visiting the resort now vs. during normal non-covid times. We also talk […]

179 Review of Jim Korkis’ new DCL book with Brett Nachman , from Notably Disney

Brett Nachman, from Notably Disney, joins us this week to cover Jim Korkis’ new book featuring Disney Cruise Line. Jims latest book, Hidden Treasures of the Disney Cruise Line: Nautical Notes, Knowledge, and Nonsense, was released in late 2020. Jim covers a lot of ground in this book, from the history of the cruise line, […]