186 Author Paul Thornton discusses his latest book: Cruising Interrupted

Award winning author, Paul Thornton, joins us to discuss his latest book, Cruising Interrupted. This is the follow up to his highly successful book, The Joy of Cruising, which you can hear us discuss in Episode 102. Paul again fills his latest book with the stories of many people around the globe, who have one thing in common, they love cruising. He interviews globe trotters, bloggers, cruise communicators, quirky cruisers, cruisers like you and me, and he does an excellent job talking to several people who’s cruises were affected by the Covid crisis, as the industry shut down. This is the book, and Paul is the perfect story teller, for all of us who can’t wait to get back on the water and explore the world. So grab a warm drink, and find that perfect chair, it’s time to explore the world of cruising, with award winning author Paul Thornton.

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