185 Carrie Hayward from The Disney Wedding Podcast

We are excited to have Carrie Hayward, owner of the Fairy Tale Weddings Guide and The Disney Wedding Podcast, join us to discuss all aspects of getting married at Disney. Carrie is the “go to” source for all information concerning weddings with Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, and Tokyo Disneyland. She does an amazing job sharing her and her listeners experience and information via her podcast, and her wedding guide (available electronically and via paperback). So join us in this fun episode as we discuss how she began her podcast, tips for getting married on DCL, some of her favorite venues, and of course some of her best advice for those planning a Disney Wedding, vow renewal, or pre/post wedding party. So button up that tux, lace up that dress, and don’t forget your glass slippers, we’re talking Disney Weddings with the amazing Carrie Hayward.

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